Cavs Fire David Blatt, Promote Tyronn Lue To Head Coach

So there you have it, folks. GM LeBron was finally ready to move on from David Blatt with the news dropping on a Friday afternoon via a Woj bomb. I mean I feel kind of bad for Blatt in the sense of it didn’t seem like LeBron liked him very much and there were rumors that LeBron wanted Lue as the coach last season.  Then again, he had a chance to coach a very good team in a weakened Eastern Conference last year and fell short in the Finals with an injured team. Then also led his squad to a 30-11 record in an improved East, but the Cavs still appear nowhere near the elite levels of the Warriors or Spurs.

But I selfishly love this news because it means this gif will be played for as long as Lue is the head coach of the Cavs.

And as one would think, NBA Twitter was on fire, probably because it is mostly comprised of #BlackTwitter, the funniest people on the Internet.

I have stared at this Stu Jackson tweet for 10 minutes and have no idea if he is joining in on the fun by making a joke or if he is serious. I don’t know what would be worse though.


Ohhhhh OK. Good one, Stumanji!


Oh yeah, and apparently LeBron had nothing to do with the decision to fire Blatt.

*Cue studio audience laughter*