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Aussie Tennis Player Says "I'm Good From Behind" In Post-Match Interview And Can't Control Her Giggling

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I wasn’t gonna blog this until I saw her tweet afterwards.  Now I’m very aroused (she’s 21, I Googled it). She could’ve prevented the whole thing if she hadn’t reacted to her comment at all.  It’s a pretty harmless comment.  “I’m good from behind” is a semi-common-but-maybe-not-that-common-now-that-I-think-about-it thing said in sports.  It’s only when she chose to cover her mouth and react like she just said, “I’m good at fucking from behind” did it become a thing that has been seen everywhere.  But I do love her for leaning into the wave afterwards with the tweet and all the winky faces. One winky face = I can’t believe I said that.  Two winky faces = I want you to think I’m actually good from behind but I’m just trying to be cute. Three winky faces = I’m actually good from behind try me. Sends an sexual chill through your entire body, does it not?  Do you, girl.  Do you.  That’s exactly how you put yourself on the map. #TeamDariaGavlkajdfgkljfadg