Ty Law Will Be Serving As The Patriots Honorary Captain This Weekend

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(CBS)A nemesis of Peyton Manning will serve as the New England Patriots’ honorary captain for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game in Denver. Three-time Super Bowl champ and Patriots Hall of Famer Ty Law will serve as honorary captain on Sunday, the third time he’ll fill that role following his incredible NFL career. In addition to being a clutch performer for the Patriots during his playing days, Law has also been a good luck charm for the team following his retirement. The Patriots are 3-0 in games that Law has served as honorary captain, including 2-0 in AFC Championship Games.




The Hoodie is up to his old, cheating ways yet again! This can’t be legal, right? Trotting Ty Law right out in Peyton’s face? Belichick is getting more brazen with age when it comes to bending the rules. First it was Spygate, then he started microwaving Gatorades, then the top-secret jumbotron at CBS Scene that’s 4 seconds behind real time but he uses to see highlights for challenges quicker, then the CIA spyware in the visiting locker room, now he’s showing opposing quarterbacks their worst nightmares, as if he’s Scarecrow from Batman, right on national TV? Bold. Very bold. I hope he cleared this one with the league office because when Peyton pees his pants and runs off the field, like a kid whose mom just dropped him at school right in front of the playground bully, Belichick is definitely going to be getting a call from Goodell.