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You Thought You Got A Snow Day? Sorry, Dale. Eat A Dick.





Shitty, shitty morning for Dale today. There’s absolutely nothing worse than finding out you have to work or got to school when no one else does, be it during a Snow Day or a holiday (I just experienced this with MLK Day. I had to work, because my boss is a racist, while all my friends got hammered Sunday night. It’s hell) and Dale just caught wind of his schedule in the middle of some American Idol highlights. Snow days are meant for morning drinking, Netflix bingeing and, if you’re lucky, maybe some sex. Getting called into the Metal Works of High Point and having to work normal hours is just brutal.



PS – I wrote this assuming that “Dale” was a town over from High Point that would be open or something, but after a minute of research it looks like Dale, North Carolina does not exist. Is Dale actually a dude they’re making work? He can’t be, right? You gotta quit right then and there, if that’s the case. You hear stories about athletes finding out they got traded on SportsCenter but finding out you have to work in a snow storm via a third party is a billion times more disrespectful than finding out you got fired via a third party.



h/t Josh