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Cespedes Is Basically Begging To Be A Yankee

Ces Since arriving to the majors from Cuba in 2012, Yoenis Cespedes has played in four different cities. From Oakland, California to Boston, Massachusetts to Detroit, Michigan to New York City, the five-tool slugger has bounced around.

Now, with Cespedes in control of his destiny for the first time since escaping Cuba and becoming one of baseball’s most intriguing stars, he doesn’t want to pack his bags up again.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Cespedes would prefer to stay in New York as opposed to leave for a big deal from the Washington Nationals. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the Mets would be his only option.

Per John Harper of the Daily News:

Another source said that Cespedes’ agents, the Roc Nation group, reached out to the Yankees on Thursday to tell them of the slugger’s desire to stay in New York, and ask if they’d be willing to jump in with a three-year offer.

Harper went on to explain that the Yankees don’t seem to have any interest, but as owner Hal Steinbrenner said just the other day, you can’t rule anything out. Plus, if general manager Brian Cashman could find a young arm in exchange for Brett Gardner, left field—Cespedes’ preferred position—would open up.


This is getting sad for Met fans. Actually, this whatever is 3 steps passed sad. All Met fans want is for their owners to do the reasonable thing and resign the player that carried them to the World Series. No one is sweeping him off his feet and he’s right there for the taking but they just won’t pull the trigger. Then Mets fans have to deal with the idea of their prized free agent going to a division rival only to hear that Cespedes has a strong desire to stay in New York. I mean this is the perfect situation to reunite and make another run at the World Series, right?



Just when Mets fans are waking up optimistic that they want Yo and Yo wants them, you find out that behind their backs he has the his agents calling the Yankees to see if they will match the Mets’ offer. Yo may want to stay in New York for the women and the food but that doesn’t mean he wants to be in Queens.

Apparently the Yankees haven’t expressed a ton of interest, but if they can move Gardner for a pitcher like I said earlier in the week, a deal with big brother may be on the table for Yo. I’m not even sure if this would be the best move for the Yankees, but it would be so much fun to rub in Met fans faces.

PS: If the Mets don’t sign him, I can’t imagine why any fan would go to Opening Day. Gotta send a message to ownership and MLB.