Wounded War Veteran Makes His Wheelchair A Mini Snow-Plow, Is The Absolute Man




2 parts to this story. The one and most obvious being this guy is a total badass and I love everything about him. Wounded veteran, in a wheelchair, can either sit at home and have someone shovel his driveway for him which he has every right to expect, or rig his wheelchair will full tilt and get out there and clean up his whole neighborhood. What a story, what a guy. The second part, plowing snow seems pretty damn fun. It’s one of those simple pleasures that probably makes me a dumb person but pushing around snow with a machine looks like a blast. Just constantly thinking about how hard someone with a shovel would have to work to do half of what you can do in 5 minutes with your plow. Maniacally laughing at how strong your snow pushing machine truly is. I kind of want to a mini personal plow myself, go hit the streets with Justin Anderson and ask the snow what it feels like to be our bitch.






Did not expect that line about brain cancer thrown in at the end. Justin Anderson is this the toughest person on earth, it’s official. Damn I’m such a pussy about everything.