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Yo Considering A 3 Year Deal With A 1 Year Opt Out To Stay In New York


I’ve talked over and over about how many things are breaking the Mets way to still be in this race for Cespedes. Well the latest piece of good luck is that Yo is apparently out of his fucking mind. Go through this whole process of uncertainty again in a year? Potentially end up as a 33 year old free agent, AKA the worst thing imaginable for a pro baseball player? Or 100 million dollars? Hmmmm.

2 things are going on here:

1) This is how much Washington D.C. and the Nats suck. The Nats are legit on their knees ready to blow Yo and he’s just like “Ehhhh no thanks.” Willing to take (what I’m assuming) is a significantly less amount of money and open himself up to considerable risk all to avoid going to that dump of a town. When the Mets are the sexy option in a free agent negotiation, you’ve hit rock bottom.

2) Cespedes is the fucking MAN. I dont know why this guy has such a bad reputation. Yea, I’m sure there are times he’s a bit of a diva or aloof. But thats nothing new from a cocky Latin ball player. What stands out more to me is how Yo has said he wanted to be in New York all along and he’s fucking proving it right now. Man of his word. Apparently considering a much shittier contract just to stick around here. Everyone always talking about how hes all about the money and a bad teammate and here he is literally putting less money where his mouth is. Willing to take some made up garbage contract to stay with his team. The fact that he’s even still talking to the Mets is a testament to his loyalty. Give the guy some fucking credit.

And do you know how fucking BACKWARDS it is that the big remaining free agent wants to be a Met and we’re playing hardball and negotiating like pricks? For the first time ever a big bat is saying he wants to play for the Mets and we’re doing everything we can to not only ruin it, but let him go to a division rival. Its like a smoke who’s telling a dude who never gets laid to come over to her place and fuck her, and the guy is complaining about how he should come to his place. You get off your ass and you go fuck that smoke!

Bottom line is, if this actually happens Cespedes deserves all the credit in the world. Not Sandy Alderson. Not the Wilpons. Not the Mets. There will be the Mets apologists who praise them saying how well they played this situation. How patient and shrewd and unwavering they were. BULLSHIT. The only reason they werent out of the running months ago is strictly because of Yo’s willingness to be flexible.