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Steven Avery's New Lawyer Is An Absolute Beast, Fires Shots All Over Twitter

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Start the countdown for Steven Avery’s release from jail. Call your bookie, fire up the office pool. I’d give it 1, maybe 2 weeks after whatever the start date of the appeal is before Stevie is out of the can, whipping a golf cart around the junkyard with the wind in his hair and not wearing any underpants. I mean look at this lawyer!

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“Umaking ‘Murderers’ – One False Conviction At A Time.” That’s her motto. I feel like when your lawyer has their own trademarked slogan you’re in pretty good hands.

To be honest though I don’t even really care that much about Avery – can we please for the love of God get poor fucking Brendan out out jail?

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Need Kathleen Zellner to free him and sue every single Manitowoc police officer for their entire life savings to be used for the purchase of the biggest HD TV on the market and the complete box set of every Wrestlemania match of the past decade. Throw in every video game system that’s come out since the trial too. It won’t be complete justice in all of our minds, but for Brendan I think he’ll be happy with it.