Former Cap Matt Hendricks Took A Shot Directly To The Dick

Right in the DICK! Man, I when I first saw the video I thought he had broken a leg. I wasn’t sure how he would have broken a leg, but that sort of pain looked like he had a bone staring back at him. Then I saw the replay and immediately grabbed my boys. Pure instinct to protect them. The slow-motion replay was a bit too real.

Now the good news here is he was protected, obviously:

Incredible that even though he had a cup on, he still had to leave the game. That’s how fast that baby was coming at him and how hard it slammed into his dick and balls. I bet his dick is all bruised n shit, he’s not going to be able to watch porn for a quite a while. Brutal.

Also, if you play a beer league and don’t wear a cup down there, maybe this is the wakeup call you need. For sure is for me. Who cares if nobody can shoot more than 40 MPH, I just saw a grown man lay on the ice after being hit in the bacon while it was protected, ain’t no telling what could happen if he wasn’t protected. Hypothetically, if when he was getting dressed he forgot to put it on, he would have died. Straight up died.

PS: I miss the shit out of him in shootouts. Paralyzer for life.