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Check Out This Old Clip Of Sly Stallone And Carl Weathers Doing "Rocky" Fight Choreography

Great shit here with Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers showing Joe Garagiola and Larry Merchant how they film their fight scenes for the greatest love story boxing movie ever. It’s cool to hear Stallone the artist explain the process then rehearse scenes that would become some of the most iconic in film history. Same goes for Weathers saying he watched tape on “Ali, of course, and (Joe) Louis and Sugar Ray (Robinson)”.

The last scene in this clip is funny and reminds you of the end of “Rocky II” just a tad. Stallone is the favorite to win Best Supporting Actor for “Creed” in what might be the strongest acting category this year. But there’s certainly no doubt the 69-year-old Hollywood legend is the sentimental favorite.

(I’d like to see a documentary where actors and actresses break down the choreography of their respective fuck scenes. Like, how much do they discuss beforehand? Are they using their own “O” faces? Or are they the “O” faces they wish they had? What if the dude gets a rocket in his pocket? If the sexual tension is unbearable, do they just bone to get it outta the way so they can go about the work? What if somebody comes? We need to get Werner Herzog on this ASAP.)

h/t to @MeredithFrost who you should follow if you like killer pics.