A Woman Caught Her Husband With His Side Chick So Naturally She Beat Her Up Then Threw Her Off A Bridge


That was really something to behold, definitely going to keep me from fucking that chick’s boyfriend any time soon. That was a dominant performance by this chick to assert her alpha female dominance over that methy looking girl sharing her dude’s dick. But I guess my question is: What does this guy do from here? He obviously can’t leave this chick because I don’t think she’d take that very well if this is how she responds to adultery. And what sane woman would come anywhere near this guy once word gets around town (and believe me, you don’t caveman someone over to a bridge and throw them off without word getting around)? That’s like signing your own death certificate, the pipe from some dude seemingly living in a former prison isn’t worth that risk. He’s in no mans land no matter what he chooses.


Overall though, I have to give props to Big Bertha I guess. She knows what she wants and she’ll do anything to protect it. Hell I’d barely go out in 20 degree weather for most chicks but here this woman is going above and beyond. We should all strive for a love so pure that we would throw someone off a bridge. That’s undeniable passion. Attempted homicide bridge passion is what heart eyed emojis were made for.


(h/t Flyheight)