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Good Luck Getting To The Caps Game On Friday And/Or Sunday, Folks

I get this snow complicates things, but shutting down every line for the entire weekend? Woof. So brutal for people who have jobs they need to get to. The real important people, the people we depend on for life and death like nurses, doctors, and fast food employees are going to be sleeping at work. Prayers up to them.

As for the games (because this is Barstool SPORTS) I’m under the impression tomorrow night’s Caps game is going to be canceled, that’s what it’s looking like. But Sunday they are supposed to still be on. A 12:30 afternoon game on Sunday with no Metro, they are going to be giving away tickets. I don’t know how anyone outside of China Town is even going to get there. We couldn’t get people to drive properly in 1 inch of snow yesterday, what the fuck are people going to do on Sunday morning with 2-3 feet on the ground? It’s possible to reschedule two games, but you know the Caps would prefer to squeeze in Sunday’s and not mess up their schedule later in the year closer to the playoffs. Might fuck around and buy myself a couple glass seats for like 8 bucks.