Happy 76th Birthday To Jack Nicklaus And Here's The Video Of Him Posterizing Johnny Miller With A 100-Foot Putt



Happy 76th Birthday to the Golden Bear! The man with the most majors in history and the guy who most would say is the best golfer of all time depending on how deeply in love you are wth Tiger. More than that, he’s simply one of the best ambassadors of the game of golf.  And there’s no better way to celebrate the great man’s birthday than with the greatest video the internet has ever seen and will ever see.  Nicklaus posterizing that prick Johnny Miller by rolling in a 102-foot putt right in Johnny’s grill after Miller bitches and moans about it being an impossible putt.  Hands down the greatest video of all time. I posted it last year on Jack’s birthday and I will continue to do so for as long as I’m able. You can’t ask for a more perfect video. Jack barely even looks at the putt. He willed that putt in and wanted to make Johnny look like a moron.  Mission accomplished. Johnny Miller ever showing his face in public again after that is nothing short of a miracle.