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Does This Look Like the Face of a Concerned Citizen Who Stabbed a Deaf Guy He Thought Was Making Gang Signs?


WSB – Terance Daniels, 45, and another deaf friend were communicating via sign language as they walked down the street on Jan. 9. When Robert Neal, 22, saw the men, he used a kitchen knife to stab Daniels. “He mistook the sign language for gang signs,” Sgt. Mark Yancey told ABC News. “An altercation ensued, and the victim was stabbed several times.” Making the story even more bizarre is the fact that police don’t believe Neal is a member of a gang. A helicopter rushed Daniels, who was stabbed multiple times in the upper body, to a hospital, where he remains in stable condition. Neal ran from the scene but was arrested a short time later in a nearby city. He faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Bond is set at $500,000. Investigators have not confirmed or denied whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the attack.
Not for nothing, but this is America. And here we speak English. Not sure why we’re giving deaf people a pass for their super secret hand gestures / gang signs when everybody gets mad at everybody else in this country for speaking a language they don’t understand. Let me type this so all the deafs can hear me: HEY, IDIOTS! WE DON’T LIKE IT WHEN YOU TALK BEHIND OUR BACKS / RIGHT IN OUR FACES WITH YOUR MEAT PAWS. WE’RE ON TO YOU. STOP GIVING US THE NON-LITERAL MIDDLE FINGER AND SPEAK ENGLISH LIKE THE REST OF US.

Now that we have some privacy again, let me explain why these Dumbos (they wish, right?) need to get on the same page as the rest of this country. I don’t care if they need to walk around with sousaphones strapped to their heads, they need to learn to communicate just like the rest of us do. Otherwise they’re liable to get stabbed by guys like Robert Neal here. A guy who just assumed they were making gang signs even though he’s not in a gang and doesn’t know what gang signs look like or even if he should be mad about them. In other words, a real go-getter. So what if a little vigilante justice goes sideways every once in awhile? Big deal. It’s a small price to pay to stop all the silenced drive-bys that we keep not hearing about.



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Gang member:

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