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I Am Offically ALL IN On Carolina After Witnessing This Panthers Redneck Rap

SOLD. What’s the odds on the Panthers to win it all right now? 11/5? Easy pickings with this gem on their side. This man is my spirit animal assuming my spirit animal also has a hardcore dip addiction and “As Seen On TV” NASCAR memorabilia on the fireplace mantle. Ked Woodley (yes, Ked) created a YouTube account with only one video and goal in mind, and that’s to intimidate the FUCK out of anyone who gets in the Panthers way. Just listen to that roar:

Down boy! That’s no Simba. That’s a straight up Mufassa. I don’t know how many breaks during shifts at the local Piggly Wiggly it took to master that sound/rap and, quite frankly, I don’t want to know. Send that beat to Kanye because Ken’s got something magical going here, even if he has no fucking clue what to do with his arms. Relax a little, guy. You still got another couple weeks before the Daytona 500. Don’t want to use up all the anxious energy in the NFL Playoffs on a team you probably just realized existed once they started winning

In all seriousness, any grown man who uploads a video of themselves rapping and growling about a professional football should be required to register on some sort of database. These are the kind of guys that have nothing to lose.