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A Backpacker Got A Very Awkward Letter After Banging Some Girl And Waking People Up

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I think it goes without saying that this is a complete psycho move. I certainly get being annoyed that some fellow hostel stayer is boning next to you and waking people up but I’m not sure how it goes from that to critiquing his sex moves and acting like he’s going to care about the future of his relationship with the chick he rawdogged and immediately cum coma’d next to while backpacking through Europe. Like I think she thought that was insulting instead of merely a statement of facts. You’d think given that she’s German, she’d at least have an appreciation for this guy’s efficiency.


But as someone who’s never backpacked through Europe, is what these two did that unique? How else are you going to bang randoms while staying in cheap group flophouses? It seems like this angry German girl just needs to relax. If you’re going to do the whole “chill living cheap and traveling” deal you’ve got to be more low maintenance than that. You’re paying like $5 for a place to rest your head, at that price you’re lucky he doesn’t pull out and accidentally wing you with an errant load. If you want to not hear this dude’s C+ sex moves, get a hotel like an adult next time.


Also I’d like to go on record as saying if I live the rest of my life without someone telling me “Congratulations on having a successful SEX” I will die with regrets. Just need to put that out there right now. This cake with that written on it would be the ideal but a text would suffice:



(h/t Uproxx)