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Cubs Sign Funniest Man In MLB Munenori Kawasaki To Minor League Deal








This is one of those moves that means basically nothing for the Cubs on field play. I highly doubt Munenori Kawasaki makes an impact in any way on the big league team. The Cubs have guys in front of him that are far more talented. But where this does matter is right here, blogging. This is a blogger’s dream. One of the funniest interviews in all of baseball is now mine, he’s my domain, I own the rights to every time he talks about eating bananas and monkeys cramping. And I know he’s probably putting on a little bit of a show in these interviews but it doesn’t matter, the guy could be speaking Japanese or broken English and he would be funny as hell, he gets it, he knows what he is doing and how to make people laugh. And now Munenori is in the Cubs system and I’m ready for him to be interviewed every single day. Welcome aboard, Mune. Glad to have you.