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OK - This Doug/Doug Pederson Intro Is Fantastic

And here we have it. The sole salvation to the Doug Pederson is his hiring solely fires up nostalgia boners from classic ’00’s comedies and ’90’s TV cartoons. I guess Quail Man will be the 47-year-old back up QB who comes out of retirement mid-season and leads the Eagles to a string of 30 point losses? Still may be better than whoever he’ll have calling the signals when the season starts. Here’s to reaching for a 4th round QB prospect in the 1st round because a team can dream!

Maybe if Doug Pederson will only be half as bad as his parodies the Eagles will be in a pretty good situation. It’s a shame he won’t even be that. AGAIN – That’s not a knock on the drastically under-qualified Doug Pederson, whom just 8 years ago was a high school head coach. I’m rooting for Good Guy Doug to do well. The hate is solely spewed towards Howie and Jeff, the snakes of this once lauded and now shit organization. Oh well, on with the parodies to distract ourselves from how bad it’s become! And thanks to Comcast for making all their embeddable videos autoplay! You satanic dicklickers aren’t fucking annoying at all!