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Tinfoil Hat, Conspiracy Theory Time: MLB Is Forcing The Nats And Yankees To Show Interest In Cespedes To Force The Mets' Hand

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There is only one logical explanation for how this Cespedes situation is unfolding, and its this batshit crazy conspiracy theory of mine that Major League Baseball is pulling strings behind the scenes to ensure they dont have to intervene with the Mets. There have been enough financial articles written about this franchise essentially proving that ownership is financially incapable of running this team. Everyone knows they were hurt by a ponzi scheme, but now its starting to become apparent they ARE a ponzi scheme. And then you factor in the more popular buzzworthy headlines: “the Rockies, A’s and fucking Marlins have all spent more money than the Mets this offseason”…”the AL Champion Royals in the middle of fucking nowhere have spent more than the NL Champs from New York City.” “The Mets are wasting a billion dollars worth of pitching.” You see the Cubs going for broke. All these things add up to the point that I think Major League Baseball would need to at least address the public concerns that the Wilpons are truly, genuinely unfit to be owners. Not just cheap. Actually incapable.

Now we all know that the Wilpons have MLB in their back pocket. Somehow, in the most inexplicable situation in all of sports, Fred Wilpon is the head of MLB’s Finance Committee. The Wilpons were best friends with Bud Selig and are grandfathered in as some sort of untouchable Good Old Boys of baseball. MLB would be in an impossible spot if there was ever enough clamoring for the Wilpon’s head. And so thats where my Cespedes theory comes in. All the Mets and the Wilpons would need to do to shut everyone up is sign Cespedes. They go from “Incapable, cheap owners wasting their other worldly, once in a generation type pitching” to “The NL Champs are bringing back their big bat and making a run for the World Series.” They just need to sign one dude. And not only that, the rest of the league and the free agent market are making it more possible than ever. And they still wont do it.

And so now all the sudden in the past 2 days we see two teams “in” on Cespedes that really have no business being interested in him. The Nats make NO sense. The money Werth is owed, the trade they just made for Revere, the prospects they have in waiting. The Yankees dont make much sense either. Gardner, Ellsbury Beltran Hicks. There’s already a logjam. Signing a relatively expensive outfielder makes no sense. And they happen to be the 2 teams that would hurt the Mets the most if Cespedes walked. I’m telling you genuinely makes more sense to me that this is an elaborate conspiracy to force the Mets to sign the very attainable guy that the ENTIRE PLANET thinks they should sign, as opposed to Sandy and Company still trotting out there saying hes not a good fit. Get the Nats and Yanks making offers and showing interest so that these fucking assholes will make the move right in front of their goddam faces and try to go win a World Series so that MLB wont have to deal with the public backlash of Fred and Jeff Coupon wasting the best arms in baseball. If a 3-4 combo of Bryce Harper and Yo isnt enough to scare them into opening the wallets, then MLB really does have a problem on their hands.