It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: "The Gang Gets Replaced By Barstool"

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The Chernin family knows what they’re doing. The sons of the big swinging dick at the cracker factory are the executive producers of Always Sunny. Which means there’s at least a .01% chance Barstool weasels its way on to Always Sunny. It’d be the perfect marriage because our a bunch of our guys are real life versions of the characters. If Always Sunny can remake Lethal Weapon, Barstool can remake Always Sunny.



Frank reynoldspres

Pres is obviously Frank. Old, short, and bald guy with deep pockets who likes to stir the shit. Even though Frank is loaded he chooses to life in filth and squalor. Pres jet sets all over the country, enjoys the high life, but then works out of a disgusting office that he shares with a god damn squirrel. He’s a successful entrepreneur who now just spends his time financing schemes for his own enjoyment.

pres a

His best friend….

charlie kelly Handsome hank

The lovable character who may or may not be able to read. Charlie is essentially the paid best friend of Frank. Gets to do a ton of cool things because he’s in the gang, but is also low man on the totem pole. Gets berated frequently and will do basically anything the gang pressures him into. RE: Going to jail to protest a suspension/doing Charlie work.



The bougie sexual deviant. For the purpose of this blog, we are going to pretend that the last 5 years didn’t happen to Feitelberg. That picture above is the first thing that comes up when you search “John Feitelberg”. Look at that young, spry Feits. Looks happy and probably hopeful for the future. Barstool has broken him, but he was supposed to be Dennis. East coast elite that likes to party. Wouldn’t shock me if Feitelberg had a bunch of amateur sex tapes in his apartment.


macbig cat

It’s too bad Mac lost weight, because Big Cat legitimately could’ve been his stunt double in Mac’s fat season. Two funny, fat guys with an absurd amount of self-confidence. Mac believes he can scale a wall, and Big Cat thinks he can knockout Floyd Mayweather. Dan is a real life version of this character.



Little known fact, The McPoyle brothers are based on Nate. In all seriousness, Nate probably has the best chance to get an actual cameo on Always Sunny as the 3rd McPoyle brother. He has a look that you can’t teach. Casting directors could put a call out for a “McPoyle type”, but they won’t find anything better than Nate.


kat timpfdee

Kat isn’t in the Barstool gang at this point obviously, so this is more of a warning. Kat, if you’re reading this…don’t do it. Once you’re in there’s no escape. Your dreams of hosting a political talk show are as dead as Dee’s acting career.


Peter Cherninbuckley


David Wallace plays Chernin. The role he was born to play. And the role he plays in every show he’s ever been on.


That’s all I’ve got. A few people on twitter said Trent should be Ben The Soldier because he’s so nice. I could see that. Trent’s Iowa hoodies are probably the equivalent of Ben’s jean shorts. I couldn’t come up with a solid character for KFC or Smitty. KFC seems too normal to even be associated with Barstool, let alone some Always Sunny/Barstool mutant hybrid. I’ll leave the casting of KFC, KMarko, and Smitty to the stoolies and the comment section.