The NBA Is Toying With The Idea Of Weekday Morning Games And Gamblers Everywhere Just Sat Up In Their Seat

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(Source) NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA is no longer looking at putting a franchise in Europe. But that doesn’t mean the NBA will ignore foreign markets. That’s certainly interesting. The NBA just better be careful not to solve one problem by creating another. Overseas fans might enjoy watching games played on weekday mornings locally. But what about American fans? How many of them won’t attend or watch on television?

Perhaps, some cities would support weekday morning games better than others. It could be a chance for people who work nights and weekends to attend games. Teams could also give/sell tickets to schools for fieldtrips. There’s potential here. I’m just not sure it’s enough for this idea to come to fruition.




Gentleman, this is big, this is bigger than big, this is HUUUUUGE. Listen, I will be the first to tell you I have a gambling problem. I’m the WOAT when it comes to gambling. Lose money every single week without fail. Have one good night, give it all back the next. But guess what? I’ll never stop, because it is the single most fun thing I do. And if you’re a guy who is stuck in a cube, toiling away day after day, the only thing that saves you is gambling. Day baseball games? Need it. The holiday CBB tourneys? The best. March Madness, nothing like it. Because the point remains, if you can gamble while you work your day goes by infinitely faster. So if the NBA truly is going to start giving us random morning games to get action down on then I want to nominate Adam Silver for President. That’s how you change this country, that’s how you Make America Great Again, you give me more opportunities to lose my money spread out throughout the day. God bless this beautiful land.