A Porsche Registered To Lance Briggs Crashed Into A Bartending School But Lance Says He Was Not In The Car At The Time, No This Is Not A Repeat Story From 9 Years Ago

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(Source) A white Porsche registered to ex-NFL star Lance Briggs crashed into a bartending school in Chicago early Wednesday morning … TMZ Sports has learned.  The Chicago PD confirmed the 5:40 AM accident … but would not say if Briggs was the driver.   The license plate on the car is registered to Briggs. 

You can see in the pictures, the car smashed into the front of the school — shattering the glass door.  We’re told Briggs has not been arrested and no warrant has been issued for his arrest.  Cops say they are investigating the incident.  We reached out to Briggs for comment — so far, no word back.


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I don’t know why but I believe him yo. Guy says he ubered home, he must have ubered home. And he’s right, if you’re trying to get clicks what story do you go with? Lance ubered home or Lance crashed his car at 6 in the morning? The latter, duh. That’s pageviews up the ass. Former NFL linebacker crashes car and runs? Salacious. Unfortunately it’s not true and we should all give Lance the benefit of the doubt. I mean it’s not like Lance has a history or anything. It’s not like he crashed his Lambo on the Eden’s 9 years ago, ran from the scene of the crime and then called the police and said it was stolen. If it was that guy then I would say bullshit and not again and same old Lance. But thankfully that’s not Lance Briggs so case closed. He ubered home, that’s just being smart.




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