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Giant Snow Dick On A Pond Can't Be Erased Cause The Ice Is Too Thin For City Workers To Get To It

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.44.25 PM

The Local- The unusual image appeared drawn in snow that fell on top of on ice in Kungsparken (King’s Park) over the weekend. Park staff working for Gothenburg City Council who were out cleaning the area were swifly approached by a number of locals who complained that the penis drawing was offensive.  They decided to see if they could scrub the image out. However after gingerly approaching the ice, they turned back, fearing that it might be too risky in case the frozen water cracked. “They judged that the ice would not stay put. They did not dare to go out on to the moat and consequently the artwork is there until thawing weather returns,” Darko Brankovic, director of Gothenburg’s Parks and Landscape Administration (Park- och naturförvaltningens organisation och ledning) told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. The unusual mission was documented by a beady-eyed 79-year-old local, Åke Lindgren, who watched the scene unfold from the window of his apartment.



A couple things on this.  One, well done dick drawer.  Whoever you are. Stroke of genius.  Most drawn-on snow dicks or dicks made out of snow get demolished almost instantly. They don’t have have staying power because people lacking a sense of humor get their panties in a bunch and report it. Well not this time. This dick drawer risked his life knowing that no city worker would dare risk their life out on that ice just to erase it. Can you imagine. “Hey how’d Jim die?” Oh he went out onto a frozen pond to erase a dick drawing, fell through the ice and froze to death. Nobody wants that to be their death story.  Nobody. Second, why are we complaining about dick drawings anyway?  We’re all adults here. Let’s admire dick drawings for what they are.  And what they are is hilarious. I can’t imagine being so upset by a dick drawing that I would do something about it. The article says multiple people rushed to the authorities to report the snow dick on the pond.  Lighten up, everybody. You’re not doing the right thing.  You’re doing the wrong thing. It’s actually selfish is what it is.  You’re ripping away laughter from people who don’t get to spot the snow dick because you were too prude to leave it there. Again, props to this dick drawer for risking his or her life for laughs.