Let's Check In On Florida: Guy Stole A $1,600 Puppy And Traded It For Crack

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LARGO, Fla. — Florida authorities are searching for a $1,600 Yorkshire terrier that they say a man stole from a pet store and traded for crack cocaine. Largo police said video surveillance at the store All About Puppies shows a man placing the dog down his shirt and leaving. A tip led detectives to 38-year-old Wayne Junior Barfield, who was arrested Friday and charged with grand theft. The release says Barfield traded the dog for crack and cash in St. Petersburg. It’s not clear where the dog is now. Police say Barfield wouldn’t tell them whom he traded it to. The Yorkie is microchipped, and veterinarians will be alerted to the dog’s status. All About Puppies is offering a $1,000 reward for its return. Barfield was being held on more than $5,000 bail.



Cool cool. Very Florida. That guy right there is never ever ever getting rid of his crack addiction by the way.  He’s just not. Some people are able to kick the habit and some people aren’t. This fella most definitely falls into the latter category.  He will be addicted to crack for the remainder of his life and I’ll tell you why. Once you can look a puppy in the face and think, “Yeah I’ll trade you for crack” you are a lifelong addict.  No amount of rehab or detox or counseling is pulling that man from his addiction.  There are no more barriers to go through. You have traded the most precious living thing away so you can get that sweet fix. If you’re a normal person you see a puppy you think, “Yeah I would die for that puppy.  I don’t know why but I would. Would I trade it for crack? No. I would trade my own body for crack before I’d get rid of a puppy” Wayne Barfield looks at a puppy and sees it as a bargaining chip to score more crack. Which also makes him a monster. A kitten?  That I could understand. You trade a kitten for a crack every day of the week and twice on Sundays. But a puppy? Abso-fucking-lutely not.