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Barstool’s FA Cup Preview – The “Not The Replays We Want; The Replays We Got” Edition

Sam’s FA Cup Replay Pick’em


Ahoy there haters and those who know better,

It’s Wednesday, your balls are still cold from walking outside to get lunch, the NFC and Loser’s Bracket Championships still seem miles away, and the bossman is on your ass about the TPS Reports again. I know the struggle and it is real. But thankfully there are a few midweek soccer games to alleviate the pain – if only for 90 minutes.

No need for a big intro, let’s get to it…


FA CUP (3rd Round Replays)


Only two games on the docket, both of which are thankfully going to be aired by FOX – hey, maybe they’re not so bad after all? – and I’d say the upset of the day just might be Tottenham vs mighty Leicester snagging top-billing on FS1 over Liverpool vs Anybody. As for the picks…

Leicester (+175)
Tottenham (+140)
Draw (+245)

Leicester sit 2nd place in the table and are fresh off a solid 2-2 draw and slightly fortunate 1-0 win over Spurs, both coming at White Hart Lane, and yet the mighty Foxes are STILL underdogs in this game. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, if we’re being perfectly honest, though there are mitigating factors (Tottenham’s weakened squad in the draw and bad luck/poor finishing in the second). Both teams are surprisingly healthy and in relatively good form, though the Foxes did somehow manage not to win against woeful Villa at the weekend.

For the record, I wouldn’t blame you for jumping on the Leicester gravy train this time around because even I can admit that this feels a lot like a homer pick… buttttttt sometimes you just gotta go with your gut. I think Spurs will finish a couple of the chances that they missed last time around and put Leicester on the back foot a bit, then hang on by the hair on their chinny chin chins to win it. 2-1 win for Tottenham.

When people say “That’s just a homer pick!”

When people say “That’s just a homer pick!”


Liverpool (-400)
Exeter (+1100)
Draw (+470)


No. Liverpool to win 3-0.

Eats pieces of shit like Exeter for breakfast

Eats pieces of shit like Exeter for breakfast


So there you go, tiny preview for tiny slate of games. Check ya on Friday..


Sam U. L. Army