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The Broncos and Roger Goodell Know The Only Chance They Got is If Ed Hochuli Rigs The Game


PFTBroncos linebacker Brandon Marshall and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will be on the field at the same time. And Marshall addressed on Monday’s PFT Live the question of why it’s so hard to cover Gronkowski. “I say ’cause he pushes off,” Marshall said. “I mean, he pushes off and he gets away with it about 98 percent of the time.”

Is this what the Broncos think is a push off? When a defender grabs Gronk with both hands and Gronk swats the hands away like a fly?


Oh my God Denver….shut up! They are pulling an inverted Indianapolis Colts here. Instead of waiting to lose by 30 before complaining the Broncos are already blaming their inevitable loss on the refs. Brady cries for flags after he gets hit. The only reason Gronk is good is because he pushes off every play. Listen we all know the refs and the league are going to do everything in their power to stop us from advancing to the Superbowl.  We know the Broncos are 7-0 with Ed Hochuli and the Pats are 3-4.  We know that’s no accident.  I’m still not nervous about this game. They refs would literally have to pull a Remember the Titans to change this outcome. I know I keep saying this, but it’s the truth. The Patriots aren’t just a little bit better than the Broncos. They are MUCH better. I feel the same exact way I did last year during the lead up to the AFC title game. There is just no way Denver wins this game and apparently they know it to. That’s why they’ve resorted to basically begging the refs to help them. It’s sad and disgusting but I actually don’t blame them. They know they are the inferior team. They know they don’t belong on the same field with us. They know we are gonna stuff them in a locker. Their only move is to hope mommy and daddy bails them out and protects them. That’s why they are grasping onto Roger Goodell’s hand and not letting go. They are scared plain and simple and they have every right to be. The bad man is coming and there isn’t anything they can do about it.