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Reader Email - I'm Not Very Good At Hopping Fences, Especially The One's At Depaul (NSFL Times Infinity)


Big Cat,

I went to the cubs game Wednesday night so as expected I was boozing all day. After the game me and my buddies went to the bar and on the walk home I decided to cut through depauls campus. I tried to hop the wrought iron fence onto Fullerton but when I got to the top my foot got stuck and I fell over and the spike went right through my calf like warm butter. I was hanging by my leg for 15 minutes before the CFD came and sawed off the fence. I got immediate surgery to remove that fucking thing from my leg now I’m just jacked up on painkillers until I can finally walk again. That fence won the battle, but I’ll win the fucking war.


50% gross, 50% horrifying, 100% awesome. I’m never hopping a fence again in my life.