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New York Is Obsessed With Tom Brady and the Patriots



Wait who is the cry baby? Tom Brady or the entire state of New York? I mean both major newspapers have Brady on their cover? LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY. Obsessed with the Pats a tad bit? I mean we’re not playing a team from NY. There isn’t a team from NY left in the playoffs. Shouldn’t they be worried about the Knicks or the Rangers? Nope the only thing KFC cares about is Tom Brady and the Patriots. We haunt their dreams and haunt their days. They Hate us Cause they Ain’t Us. I mean can you ever imagine both the Herald and the Globe putting Eli Manning on their cover over something like this? It’s surreal. I’ve never seen a little brother complex quite like NY has with the Patriots. Hey NY this isn’t about you. You guys stink. Your team stink. KFC stinks. Deal with it. Jealousy is not a good look.