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R Kelly Is Waiting On God To Tell Him If Bill Cosby Is Guilty Or Not

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(Source) R&B singer R. Kelly said in a recent GQ interview that God himself would have to prove to him Bill Cosby’s guilt in the more than 50 serial rape allegations against the comedian. “God would have to do that,” he said, “because God is the only one can show me that.” He added that he doubts the veracity of the charges leveled at Cosby. “When you wait 70 years, 50 years, 40 years, to say something that simple, it’s strange,” he said of Cosby’s accusers. “You know why I say that is because it happened to me, and it wasn’t true.” Kelly himself was acquitted on child pornography charges in 2008, but has been accused of raping underage girls multiple times throughout his career.




If I know anything about our legal system it’s this, it can’t be trusted. Did you binge watch Making a Murderer like me and millions of other yuppie white people? Well then consider yourself an expert on the law because I know I certainly am one now. And if you’re an expert on the law that knows all the issues that come with a trial and accusations it will lead you to one place and one place only, God. You may think R. Kelly is crazy for saying this but who do you trust more? The Ken Kratz of Bill Cosby’s rape trial or God? Come on. Until God lets us know about Cosby I’m holding off judgement. And no this has nothing to do with a dude who allegedly pissed on a bunch of under age girls still trying to clear his name. Don’t be silly. It’s about God being the only judge in the entire world. I like you R. Kelly, I like you a lot.





R. Kelly also said he’s never seen Chappelles show so now we know the biggest lie told today.


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And this quote with this picture. Love R. Kelly. Some song birds weren’t meant to be caged. Be yourself, dude.


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