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Everyone In The World (Except A Few Idiots In Philly And Andy Reid's Gunt) Is Ripping Doug Pederson And LAUGHING At The Eagles

ESPN Ranks Doug Pederson As The NFL’s Worst Coaching Hire

“The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

I dislike Mike Greenberg with the fire of a billion gonorrhea infected suns, but dammit, this stings. He’s not wrong. And I don’t care if people believe Pederson is “Taking it like a man” and “Not throwing his mentor Andy Reid under the bus”. Fundamentally believing that the Chiefs, down two TD’s, had a better chance to win by draining the clock and hoping for an onside kick instead of scoring fast and stopping Tom Brady from getting 2, maybe 3 first downs is LUNACY. But, hey, that’s our new Eagles HC. Same shit we dealt with for over a decade with Andy Reid, different era. I’m rooting for Doug, but it’s going to be stuff like this that’s going to make me feel hopeless.

Then there’s Howie Roseman, who came out of his hole to talk to the media for the first time in 13 months. What did he have to say? Oh, just he’s been working on “Relationships” and “How to deal with people” for the past year and talk about how much he’s sucked overall as a GM. AWESOME. So you’re telling me the guy who took over as GM in 2010, has not seen a playoff win since he’s had influence, was a catalyst in the Dream Team fiasco, drafted certified first round busts in Danny Watkins and Marcus Smith, and is now on his third coaching administration is again given the most control over this franchise?!?!?! Sweet move, Lurie. There has been only one constant stench of failure since the winning days of the Eagles, and that is Howie Roseman. So, yeah, let’s just give him all the power he needs cause he can now apparently fucking talk to people without inking himself like a squid. Great call.

And it all comes down to Jeffrey Lurie cultivating this circus atmosphere. This is going to get a lot worse until the front office gets a lot better, and it’s a shame everyone with a brain sees that except for the people that matter most.