Tony Romo Is Back, Still Rocking His Free Pizza Hut Commercial Hat

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Hell yes. Love Tony Romo and his free Pizza Hut hat that he took home from the wardrobe trailer. So Romo, so perfect. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, at some point in the past year or so Tony Romo has become one of the most likable guys in the NFL. He went from the un-clutch QB that would piss down his legs in every big moment to being pretty awesome last year and spending his offseason wearing his logo-less hat while hitting up Noah’s Ark in the Wisconsin Dells. He’s the every man’s quarterback. Just need him to not break his collarbone every 4 seconds and we may actually have something.






The worst part about Jason Witten playing 10,000 years in the NFL is that I’m going to keep drafting him in my fantasy league because his name is Jason Witten. It’s like when I drafted Marvin Harrison 5 years past his prime or that year I “snagged” Larry Johnson a solid 4 years after his 20 TD season. Literally said to myself this past year, oh shit, Jason Witten is still available? He and Tony Romo, red zone hook up! Put him on the board, CHAMPIONSHIP!