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The LIRR Section Of Penn Station Looked Like A Lot Of Fun Yesterday



That picture my friends is just as good a reason to avoid Long Island and the suburbs in general as any other.  Sure living within a ride on the subway or the PATH train comes with its share of headaches (and expensive apartments.  And smells.  And homeless people.  And everything else we constantly bitch about when it comes to city living).  But being able to avoid a commuter’s nightmare like this somehow makes things all even out.

As somebody that thought he got out of the rat race for good, coming to grips that I will again be saddling up for a train ride of more than an hour in a few months has hit me pretty hard.  Now granted, I do not have to deal with the nightly chaos that is Penn Station.  Just an orgy of disarray when track numbers are being announced.  And while a few chain restaurants and cheap tallboys from Rose’s Pizza is nice, I still want no part of that madness.  I get a nice, organized, dare I say classy experience heading home on a train from Grand Central.  But the thought of being one of those commuting lifers with 30+ years of train rides under his belt scares the shit out of me.  Have I thought about spending some nights in the Barstool RV?  Maybe.  But there may be a pirate living between those four mobile windows this summer.  But another glance on that picture makes you think it wouldn’t be all THAT bad.  Because I’m pretty sure once you log enough hours on the train, your soul leaves your body like Uncle Charles in Tha Crossroads video.