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The Broncos Call Tom Brady A Crybaby...I Wouldn't Have Done That If I Were Them


I got to be honest I didn’t really hate the Broncos heading into this week. They were just kind of this weakling team with a sickly QB that we were going to pound into submission and use as a tuneup before the Superbowl. But now the Broncos won’t stop talking. Brady is a crybaby. Gronk only is good because he pushes off, blah, blah, blah. Are these people fucking serious? How stupid do you have to be to talk shit about Tom Brady? Has Rex Ryan taught these people nothing? You don’t pull on superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind and you don’t talk about TB12. It would be like talking trash to Michael Jordan. Brady is the best football player who ever lived. He’s about to become the first QB to ever win 5 superbowls. He’s on a mission to impale Roger Goodell. Your only chance was hoping that he just looked past the Broncos because they pose no real threat. That Brady would treat this as a preseason type game. But now you called him a baby and woke him up. And if we know anything about Tom Brady is that he uses stuff like this to motivate him. He lives for revenge. He lives for making guys like Antonio Smith pay the iron price. #prayfordenverindeed