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I Feel Bad For Eddie Lacy And His Weight Ultimatum

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You know what, this sucks. I hate the Packers but not Eddie Lacy. And Mike McCarthy getting in front of the world and telling everyone if Eddie Lacy doesn’t lose weight he can’t play was straight up mean. Who the fuck are you Mike McCarthy? When was the last time you went through a day without squirting a little poop in your underwear, you fat tub of goo. Let Eddie Lacy eat. Let Eddie Lacy be Eddie Lacy, the guy who will either bust a 20 yard run and then get caught by the entire defense or the guy that gets tackled over and over for 5 yard losses because he’s too slow to get out of the backfield. I love that Eddie Lacy and no I’m not saying that because a lean mean Eddie Lacy is kind of scary, I’m saying that because mandatory diets suck. Free Eddie Lacy. Get that China Food, big boy, it’s the offseason.



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Remember that time during Eddie Lacy’s rookie year when he took that awful picture and everyone was like oh shit, Eddie Lacy is fat as fuck. Then he just told everyone it was the angle of the picture and we all sort of believed him. Hilarious in retrospect. It was just the angle, Eddie Lacy totally wasn’t fat, sure thing boss.


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And yes, I use the “just the angle” excuse all the time. Have to.