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Chick Killed Her Ex-Boyfriend, Posts About It On Facebook While Hiding From The Cops

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KTLA - An 18-year-old woman was arrested Sunday in connection with the stabbing death of a man during a possible domestic dispute earlier this week, San Bernardino Police announced. Nakasia James was taken into custody by Hemet police after detectives responded to a tip, Lt. Rich Lawhead of the San Bernardino Police Department said. At about 2:35 a.m., police received a call regarding a person “who had reportedly been stabbed by his girlfriend,” according to a news release issued that day. James, initially described as a “person of interest” in the case, was aware at the time that she was being sought in connection with the killing, according to investigators. The author of the post wrote that she had been fighting with her “ex,” who hit her in the the face.

Good for her. Did the ghetto version of controlling the story before the story controls you. Prison Mike would love this. Get that shit up on Facebook ASAP so everyone knows the real story, and now it’s your word in everyone’s mind first. Perfectly executed, NPI. And let’s be real here, for the most part everyone knows murders that happen in the USA typically aren’t funny. We don’t want to openly mock someone who just died. However, if this dude was punching his chick in the face, whatever, good for her. You shouldn’t bring a fist to a knife fight. Or more importantly, you shouldn’t have a fist fight with your chick to begin with and you won’t wind up dead. I have a feeling she doesn’t even go to jail for this right?

And you have to love that while she’s telling the story…on her Facebook, let’s not forget that detail…she is using emojis the entire time. Like she legitimately just KILLED another human being with her bare hands, and she is keeping her emoji game at hunnit. It’s so perfectly “2016 people who still use Facebook” that you just have to respect it. She writes her Facebook status the exact same way she would write about a trip to the mall.