Conor McGregor's New Lambo Spits Flames Out Of The Back And I Still Think It's A Waste Of Money

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I’ve tangled with “Car guys” in the past. Most notably when I made fun of Johnny Manziel’s Nissan Altima or whatever the fuck he drives. So I’m sure this will get a bunch of people angry at me, but what’s the point in owning a car like this? It makes no sense to me. Yeah it’s cool, yeah you can pick up chicks (you should be able to anyway if you have money, car or no car), and yeah it shoots flames, but at the end of the day I just see 500k thrown away on a 2 seater that’s probably not even that comfortable. Like besides the flamethrower and the sleek lines what does this car have that a Toyota Avalon doesn’t? Because I know what the Avalon has. Leather seating? Check. Power windows? Check. Heated seats? Check. 6 disk CD changer? You fucking know it. So what am I missing? Performance? Performance is overrated, I’m not on a fucking racetrack. Just get me from point A to point B in comfort, that’s all I ask. Avalons > Lambos all day every day.