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This 2pm Eagles Press Conference Should Be A Certified Hoot As The Franchise Is In FULL PR/Spin Zone Mode


What billion dollar NFL Franchise buys advertising banners on sites to “Welcome Back” head coaches? The Eagles right now are like that desperate guy who knew he fucked up in a relationship (the scorned lover being the fans). However, instead of being wise and maybe admitting mistakes and moving forward, they beat the dead horse with cheap flowers and “I love and miss you” Facebook messages. The dude who tries to list every little thing he did good in an attempt to hide the fact he’s really a piece of shit. Yeah, the Eagles are doing that, too.

WHOA! Doug was a journeyman backup QB in the NFL AND one of the best RB’s in the NFL ran for 1,000 yards under him? Our lucky fucking stars! Not to mention the fact if a (healthy) QB DOESN’T throw for 3,000 yards in today’s pass happy NFL then he’s a certified bum. These bullet points are beyond patronizing to the fanbase. I really, really loathe what this franchise has become in the past month. It’s truly embarrassing, and I would hammer it getting worse at 2pm when they attempt to defend this at-best mediocre hire.