Indianapolis Bringing Some Serious Heat With This Russian Smokeshow Prostitution Ring






(Source) Indianapolis police say they were high-end Ukrainian call girls charging hundreds of dollars per hour. They stayed in lavish hotels and collected pricey jewelry. There was a madam known only to clients as “Natasha.” It sounds like something out of a spy thriller — but the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says that’s the kind of prostitution operation they busted near the Fashion Mall at Keystone last week. One of the women, they say, is on the run. On May 14, police arrested Veronika Leblanc, 23, at the Sheraton Hotel, 8700 Keystone Crossing Way. She’s charged with prostitution — findings police say they uncovered after a months-long undercover sting investigation. Police say they were tipped off to the operation about two months ago.

That’s when undercover officers started talking to the alleged madam: Anzhelika Rampone, 29, who police say fled the state last week and might be hiding out in California.Rampone, who police say went by “Natasha,” told undercover police in emails that she charged $550 an hour for Leblanc’s services — $800 for two hours. Police then arranged a meeting with Leblanc at the Sheraton, where she later was arrested.Both women, police say, are originally from the Ukraine. They married American men and are naturalized U.S. citizens, though it is believed they separated from their husbands shortly after arriving in the United States.



Look at you Indianapolis. Way to step up to the plate. I excpect this from real cities, cities that aren’t full of obese people and mouthbreathers, but Indianapolis? Nicely done. I don’t have 550 dollars, but if I did I would happily give “Natasha” 2-3 minutes of mind blowing (for me) love making. That’s a prostitute I would marry, let alone pay to have sex with me. Hats off to Indy, you did well this time.



Natasha is such a sexy Russian chick name. Only thing that beats Natasha is Natayla and that’s solely based on the fact that I may or may not have masturbated to Golden Eye for N64 when I was 12 years old. Hey, heart wants what the heart wants.



thanks to Andrew for the tip