The Hangover/Doug Pederson Crossover Has Been The Sole Positive Aspect Of This Hire

And it still infuriates me beyond belief. Just when you think the entire thing couldn’t be any more of a joke this little doozy hits the streets. I’m sure the comedic climax will hit at 2pm when Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman (if he decides to come out of his snake hole for the day) attempt to defend this hiring as the best case scenario for the franchise – Which they 100% will. At that point it will all switch over from a comedy to a a modern day Greek Tragedy not seen since the time we “made a living” playing poker. Fun stuff.

Oh, and DYK the only thing Doug Pederson in KC was credited for consistently being in charge of was the two-minute drill? Also, do you remember the painfully long last drive the Chiefs had vs. the Pats as they essentially put the final nail in their own coffin? Yeah, down two scores, I would consider that the worst, most embarrassing two-minute drill in NFL history. And that’s not hyperbole. Good times wait ahead, people. Good times.