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Flight Attendant Announces Why The Plane Is Delayed: "We Don't Want To Die"

 RYANAIR passengers asking why their flight was delayed for eight hours were stunned when a crew member explained: “We don’t want to die.” The bizarrely honest announcement was made over the intercom as the Dublin-bound flight was stranded on the runway at Glasgow.  In the clip, a female crew member tells passengers: “The captain cannot take off when we have ice on the wings, and we don’t want to die.” People can then be heard laughing and jeering, with one shouting: “We don’t want to f***ing die man.”



This is one of those When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong moments. Like, technically, the flight attendant is absolutely right. The plane is delayed because they don’t want to crash and die. Fair enough.  That is the exact reason why any plane is delayed ever. Sure there are the broad reasons like it’s snowing or there are other planes landing or taking off and we can’t move right now.  But the end explanation for all of those reasons is to not die. It’s to stop from being wiped off the planet for eternity. You don’t wanna fly a plane into a snowstorm and crash and die.  You don’t wanna take off while another plane is taking off, collide and die. Here’s the thing though, I don’t want to hear the word “die” when I’m on a plane.  When I’m on a plane I want to forgot the concept of death even exists.  It’s the same reason why people don’t say “bomb” on an airplane. Even the idea of a bomb being on a plane is super duper scary. Same goes for death.  Everyone sitting on a plane is very aware that death is a possibility but is too scared to confront it. It’s like talking about Dad’s drinking problem at the dinner table. It’s better if you just leave it alone.