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No Stop, Nobody Actually Set Up a Full Recording Studio At a Starbucks, You Can't Fool Me

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.02.17 AM

No. That did not happen. Nice try, Internet. I know a photoshop when I see one and are you kiddingggggg me?

FB - If you’ve ever spent the day at Starbucks, you’ll notice quite people set up more than just a laptop. They’ll have keyboards, mouses and even a full-on monitor spread out on the coffee tables. This dude definitely took that to another level. The photo was posted by Redditor dmizz who says it was taken at a Starbucks in Los Feliz, CA. Dude had a 30-something inch monitor, a sound system and pretty much everything else you could need to spend an lifetime making some sick beats.

Music is life bro! When you’re sleeping, this guy is setting up shop in a Starbucks grinding out some sick beats. The 30 inch monitor is SO outrageous…I get maybeeee having it at your house, but driving that thing around and setting it up in Starbucks is so over the top it seems like this is some sort of elaborate ruse. I’m sure that 30 inch monitor is the difference between this guy being the next Kanye and him drinking soy lattes at the local Bux day in and day out.

I’m still not positive I buy this though. Because it’s too ridiculous. There’s wires hanging from the ceiling, he has a desk set up, how does this happen? Let’s go under the guise that this is a real life thing that happened, no jokes, no Punk’d, no sneaky ad to go viral. Just a dude mixing beats at a Starbucks. How do the employees of the Starbucks let this happen? You can’t just let a guy come in and plant his flag into your ground and claim it as his recording studio. I believe the word for that is cuckholded. This man straight up cuckholded Starbucks and made it into his own private Def Jams. So for that you have to tip your cap. He might be homeless but at least he’s keeping that dream alive.

PS: I immediately thought of this video of Kanye making beats on a a plane. Or just listening to his own, already made beats, most likely.