KFC Radio's Triumphant (Depending On Who You Ask) Return


We’re back. I know you all were so worried about it but we’re back. Had some great voicemails this week including the question, would you fuck your first cousin for 275 million dollars? I don’t know about everyone else out there but that was the quickest yes that has ever come out of my mouth. Not saying I want to fuck my cousin but 275 million dollars is a LOT of money. I would basically erase my entire past. I don’t need my family, I don’t need my friends, just start a new life on some Caribbean island and never sweat again in my life. Get my 20 dogs, tennis ball gun and a bevy of smokes to fan my face all day long. And if fucking my cousin is what it takes, well then I guess I’m a cousin fucker.


Playoff beard is looking quite strong, and when I say that I mean I need to light my entire face on fire and dunk my head in a toilet full of gasoline. Woof.



Love the stoolie that tweeted us asking if you would pick your guy cousin or girl cousin because if it’s your guy cousin then its sort of just like a business transaction and less awkward. I guess when you put it that way, just a couple of bro’s hanging out, sucking each other’s dicks, it doesn’t seem that bad.