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Sabres vs Coyotes Game Ends With A Good Ole Fashion Yard Sale

The main attraction when watching a Sabres vs Coyotes game would be to see rookie phenoms Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart take on fellow rookie phenoms Max Domi and Anthony Duclair. However, last night there were a few extracurriculars that took place once the game had ended and it was old man Shane Doan who seemed to be at the center of it all. Doan is 39-years-old which is the same age if you combined Eichel and Reinhart. So you mix those levels of dad strength and dad anger with the tensions that were already high and the blood that was already boiling, and you find yourself yourself in a nice little post-game donnybrook.

Now it doesn’t get much more Swedish than OEL getting tied up with Ristolainen and waiting until Shane Doan comes in before throwing a cheap shot.


The Swedes aren’t known for their fighting so I guess we’ll give OEL a pass on this one. Still a bush league move but that’s where survivor man Zach Bogosian came in to say enough is enough and break up the party.


Bogosian has for sure tried a taste of human flesh before and he for sure liked it. Absolutely terrifying shit-eating grin there. This is the face of a certified psychopath. And speaking of Bogo, someone needs to tell him that this type of shit is not cool. At least not on MLK Day.


All in all, it was just a great ending to a game between two teams who have pretty much nothing between them. And to think all of this happened after the Coyotes traded away John Scott and sent Steve Downie down to the AHL. Different divisions, different conferences, hardly see each other ever but don’t tell them that. Just let the boys keep those fists flying.

Elsewhere around the league, Matt Hendricks played in his first game back since being suspended last week for a nasty hit on Florida Panthers’ Aaron Ekblad. As the hockey gods would have it, Hendricks first game back was of course against the Panthers so what do you all think happened next?

I’ll tip my cap to Matt Hendricks here. Gudbranson is a fucking ogre and I’m sure that under any other circumstances, Hendricks wouldn’t want to drop the gloves with him. But he realized he would have the target on his back after that hit on Ekblad and realized that he had to answer the bell whenever it was rung. Takes a couple heavy rights from Gudbranson, the two head to the penalty box and the bad blood between Matt Hendricks and the Florida Panthers is no more. Credit to Gudbranson as well for sticking up for the injured Ekblad. This is why hockey is the best. Also, for everybody keeping track at home… the Florida Panthers haven’t won a game since I wrote a blog telling everyone to hop on the bandwagon. I’ll take the blame on this one I guess.

And since we’ve already jumped around the league enough already, here’s Vlad Tarasenko telling Evgeni Malkin that anything you can do I can do better.

Very few things in this life better than watching the Penguins lose. But yeah, Team Russia’s offense at the World Cup next September is going to be outrageous.