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Reader Email - The Pirate King is Now Negotiating His Terms



Reader Email


So I was talking to Louis and I’ve thought about it a little bit and I think a year as a pirate is a bit excessive (yes it was my idea). How would you feel about 6 months as a pirate, one day off a week to be a normal human (unless I’m out with you all) and if that’s the case I might be convinced to live in the RV.

Let me know what your thoughts on this are.



How about this email from the Pirate King? Classic maniacal sociopath behavior. First he contacts me out of the blue apologizing for the way it ended last year and says he wants back in. He says he’s willing to dress as a pirate for a year blah, blah, blah. Then before I can even offer him the job he’s already negotiating for a better deal. He now wants to be a pirate for only 6 months and get 1 day off per week. Umm what world is the Pirate King living in? See this is why I can’t hire him. Either you get what we do here or you don’t. Either you’re willing to walk the plank or you’re not. But this hemming and hawing ain’t gonna cut it. I need a pirate who is 100% committed no questions asked. Now I think he needs to get a skull and cross bones tattoo before I will even consider hiring him again.