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Irish Dude Can't Say The Word "Specifically" No Matter How Hard He Tries



That video was a mix of funny and frustration.  Just say the damn word dude!  Stop putting the P sound before the S sound! That is not how it works.  It’s not that hard. Sound it out brotha. It’s amazing the things humans can and can’t do sometimes.  We’ve got people building telescopes to send to Mars, people figuring out the origins of the entire universe and people curing horrible diseases.  Then there’s an Irish dude sitting in his living room having one hell of a time pronouncing the word, “specifically.”  He just can’t do it.  The chick laughing at him in the background was just mean though.  What’s her problem? Might as well just laugh in Brendan Dassey’s face while she’s at. Laugh at the guy who can’t read good or pronounce words good. I said the word specifically out loud like 40 times while writing this blog to make sure I could say it. I can.  Just don’t make me say “Worcestershire sauce”