It Wouldn't Be A Holiday Without A Company Sending Out A Tweet That Made A Bunch Of People MAD ONLINE!

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I love this shit. Love it. Whenever a company or brand tweets something like this I get a little extra pep in my step. Why? Because of all the people that spend the rest of their day being upset about it. It’s the best. Like no doubt this is a dumb tweet and completely tone deaf. But does it really ruin your day? Does it really effect your life or happiness? Do you spend more than 2 seconds thinking about it? No, of course not, because you have a real brain that functions. But for some people this is the single most egregious thing they have ever seen. They’re like the equal but opposite of the people that get upset about Cam Newton dabbing because their children are watching. They tweet about their offense so their morally righteous friends can see how great of a person they are. People who get this upset over an ad on twitter suck, plain and simple.


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