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Jenny McCarthy vs Paris Hilton, Who Ya Got?



We’re going to do a full post tomorrow with Urlacher’s top 5 plays and a career retrospective but I wanted to quickly do this. I initially made it a MFK but realized there are no good 3rd candidates. That stripper he knocked up is beat, and totally pulled the goalie on him so she sucks. Everyone else is a no name. Sending his ex-wife or some random chick in to the ring would just be mean, total slaughter. So this is just head to head. Jenny vs Paris for the Marry, because fuck is too easy as in both choices are perfectly fine. So Who Ya Got?


Jenny McCarthy

Pro’s – Hot. Funny-ish. Seems to be relatively normal all things considered.

Con’s – She’s 40. She openly admits to farting, which is just about the most disgusting thing a girl could do.



Paris Hilton

Pro’s – Hot. FILTHY rich. Also, she’s very very rich, this is important

Con’s – She’s Paris Hilton, which basically means she’s the worst person in the world.



Gun to my head I think I’m going Jenny. I just don’t think any amount of money would make Paris Hilton bearable. Like you know the old saying money isn’t everything? Well I think that saying was specifically meant for Paris Hilton and having to deal with her for longer than 10 minutes.


Vote 1 for Jenny, 10 for Paris

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