Steven Avery's Mom With The Best "Making A Murderer" Theory Yet

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PeopleSteven Avery’s mother has said that she doesn’t believe Teresa Halbach is dead.

While speaking with WAAF radio in Boston on Wednesday, Dolores Avery said that Halbach could have covered up her own death.

When asked who she believed killed Halbach, Dolores answered, “I don’t know, but I wish the person could come forward. I don’t think she’s even dead. I don’t think so.”

The radio host pointed out that Halbach’s bones were found in Steven Avery’s backyard. “How do you know if them were her bones?” replied Dolores.

The host answered that forensic testing showed they were Halbach’s remains. “[Then] somebody planted them,” Dolores said. “They planted the key.”

God bless the Averys. Sure they’re simple folk, sure they may be related on some distant brach of their family tree. All I know is if I’m ever falsely accused of murder and stuck in jail after being unfairly targeted by an entire corrupt police force and scumbag DA, I’d hope my parents are one half as ride-or-die for me as the Averys.

Keep grinding on the media circuit, years later, for as long as it takes. Hit documentaries, TV interviews, radio. When all else fails just start throwing shit against the wall. How do you know Teresa is even dead? How do you know if them were even her dang bones? Seriously has anyone even checked that?

(Oh, forensic testing? Yeah? Yeah. Yeah? Yeah.)

Think I speak for everyone when I say I wish the bones they found belonged to any or all of the below:

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Let’s gooo.

Steven Avery’s story is not over.

After Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos told reporters that the streaming service is considering a second season of the hit documentary, Making a Murderer, the filmmakers themselves said they are already looking into future episodes.

“I think today marks four weeks since the series launched and what we’ve managed to do in the past four weeks is we’ve had several telephone conversations with Steven Avery and we did record those calls with the eye of including them in future episodes should there be more episodes,” Laura Ricciardi told reporters during TCA panel in Pasadena, California, on Sunday. “But we’ve not returned to Wisconsin in the past four weeks.”

Co-creator Moira Demos also echoed Ricciardi’s sentiments, describing the story as “ongoing.” [People 1/17/2015]