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People Blaming A 10am PST Start For The Seahawks Are Pathetic

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Now ordinarily I’d give people the benefit of the doubt. I’d say that people cant really be pathetic enough to say that the west coast start time of an east coast game was why they got their doors blown off. But this is the same world that up and decided that air pressure in footballs decided the outcomes of games so who fucking knows anymore. What starts as a vocal minority when it comes to excuses seems to snowball into lazy, popular rhetoric. I mean I saw enough buzz about the 10am start that I started to think that they played in Seattle for a second. I was reading these tweets and articles like “Hold on they were in Carolina at 1pm werent they?” Give me a goddam break with this nonsense.

I suppose deflated footballs still takes the cake but complaining about time zones and travel is right up there. The “12s” crying about what time it is back home is a goddam joke. Every west coast road team in the history of the game has had to deal with this. The Seahawks purposely practice at 10am to prepare for these things. And if you think game time comes and the 2014 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks are yawning and thinking about this week’s jet lag, you’re an idiot. And if that is somehow the case, they deserve to get their shit pushed in anyway. The Panthers were the better team. The much better team. Had nothing to do with time zones or field conditions. You got obliterated, deal with it.