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Pats Destroy the Chiefs. Roger Goodell's Day of Reckoning Grows Closer

How great is it to be a Pats fan? I mean time and I again I put my faith in this team. I put my faith in Bill Belichick. I put my faith in Tom Brady. And time and time again I’m rewarded for my faith.

I mean I sat and watched as the Pats struggled at the end of the regular season. Losses to the lowly Eagles, Jets and Dolphins. I said I don’t care. I said the Pats are just waiting for the playoffs. We are just waiting to get all our guys back. Clearly Belichick didn’t care about homefield advantage so neither did I. The critics blasted us. They said we had no chance anymore. Our offensive line was too weak. They said we were finished. And then just like clockwork the Pats turn the light switch on and Pats fans are rewarded for our faith.

I mean that was EASY. The score doesn’t even come close to telling the real story. I wasn’t nervous for 1 second during that game. It was obvious we could score whenever we felt like it. Every yard was a war for Kansas City. The team that had won 10 straight was outmatched, outgunned,outclassed at every turn. They didn’t even belong on the same field as us and it was obvious from the first drive on. Once again my unwavering belief in the Patriot Way rewarded. The Patriots took the hottest team in the league and dismantled their brains.
Now it’s onto Denver. Unless of course Peyton chokes on purpose so he doesn’t have to get beaten by Belichick and Brady yet again. So we can’t embarrass him on a national stage yet again. But regardless of who we play one thing is certain. This team is going to their 7th Superbowl. Think about that. 7 fucking superbowls. We are witnessing the greatest run in the history of sports. There will never be anything like this again. Roger Goodell tried his best to end it. He failed. And now he must pay the iron price. The time for honoring himself will soon be at an end. February 7th can’t get here fast enough. God bless America. God bless the Patriots. I’ll see everybody in SF.

Now somebody do me a favor and somebody cue the music!